Charlotte Connell

Travels From: QLD
Qualifications: Presenter
Food Expert
Status: Active
Description: Charlotte has been working in the television and media industry for over 10 years, as a presenter, actor and extra but also behind the scenes in production. She has a BA in Communication with a major in PR and Journalism and boy does she put it to good use. Working as a freelance journalist Charlotte mostly writes for the ‘Sun Herald’, as well as presenting and producing for her radio show on the ‘Austereo Network’. And if that wasn’t enough, she teachers communication and confidence skills to young students in her etiquette classes throughout Sydney. This girl knows hard work and loves it! Whilst Charlotte isn’t writing and presenting, in the warmer months she loves to stay active, working as a surfing instructor, teaching kids as well as adults how to surf. She say’s, “I’ve surfed my whole life and it’s the best feeling knowing your passing that experience on to someone else”. Charlotte is your true blue Aussie beach babe who embraces life and makes every moment count. As well as featuring in over 30 Television Commercials, Charlotte hosted a quiz show on ‘Channel 7’, which was filmed live-to-air and she tells us, “… that’s where my talking with a mouth-full-of-marbles skill came into action…”. Before that she presented and produced a breakfast show on community radio “wow that was an early morning start!” Charlotte’s natural warmth, energy and bubbly personality really shines on camera. Her beauty and poise is almost overlooked because her character is so appealing. She really will enhance your brand and product so don’t miss your chance to meet and work with Charlotte.