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Since 2006, Rozz Switzer and her team at DRTV Talent have been dedicated to direct selling and are recognised as the most professional experts in helping clients create, execute and drive the best offers in Direct Response Sales. That means you’ll have access to many years of experience, knowledge and understanding of the ‘How, What, Where, Why and When’ of Selling and with our services, we can help choose the best on-air talent or write that winning 4min advertorial script that showcases your business and offer so you see real results.

Direct response is all about getting a call-to-action within your advertising campaign. It doesn’t really matter the medium you use, it’s the tact you take with it. Getting people to pick up a phone and call or go to a website to order, or ask for more information about your product is what we do so that you can sell your product and service as soon as the ad goes to air or your website is live. As experts in this area, we have the best TV Presenters for your next TV or Website campaign as well as offering services for Script-writing, Producing and Consulting.

Let us help you make the best Direct Response campaign a success. Check out our Male or Female talent now or contact us to discuss your needs further.

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Our talent are the best in the business. How do we know? Because we hand pick them. As an Agency, we don’t just take anyone on our books. We only take on the talent who we know can deliver.

In fact we not only offer the best on-air Presenters for television, but they are also expert Website Presenters, Voice-Over Artists, Actors, Commercial Talent, Models, MC’s and Celebrities in their own right. So why wouldn’t you search the talent now to make a shortlist and get in touch today.

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